November 14, 2005

words and other things you might read 11-14-5

     On my trip around the Northwest, I stopped in at Pilgrim Bookstore.  It's a great store and has a large selection of used Christian books, which also tend to be a good selection.  Some Christian bookstores are hideously stocked.  Anyway, I picked up some thick books:  The Cambridge Ancient History, Vol. 2, Part 1, The Middle East and the Aegean Region, c.1800-1380B.C.  That should be a fun read to broaden some historical perspective of ancient middle eastern cultures.  Another fun find was Will Durant's The Story of Civilization vol. 6. The Reformation.  Durant has a well read approach to history that is enjoyable to interact with.  Those two books should keep me rather busy.

     One of my friends was reading Harold Best's Unceasing Worship, and was really enjoying it.  So I ordered that, and should be enjoying it myself soon.  I also ordered The Disciplemaker: What Matters Most to Jesus by Earl Radmacher and Gary Derickson (one of my old professors from The College formerly known as Western Baptist).
     I'm still reading The City of God by Augustine, too.  I'm about halfway through.  The second half seems to be alot more practical, as the first half was based in definiing a morality, argueing against paganism.  Hopefully I'll finish it sometime this century, and be able to move on to some of the above books on my reading list.  I also received the latest issue of JETS.  It was, of course, thought provoking.  One of the articles was written by Bryant Wood, whom I had the experience of working on an archaeological dig at Khirbet Al Makatir in Israel with.  The dig is even mentioned in the article.

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