February 9, 2006

Reading 2-9-6

I finished reading Will Durant's Story of Civilization: Reformation.  It was a good read by a good writer and fun historian.  I think he overcaricaturizes a few of the main players, such as Luther and especially Calvin.  It's good to get a nice picture of history, which Durant's well read (though not perfect) insight usually opens some doors toward.
     I recently picked up A Dictionary of Greek Orthodoxy, by Nicon D. Patrinacos.  It's been pretty interesting to see self defined points of Orthodox theology.  The book's definiations are very similar to Roman Catholicism's, and it has a fair ammount of mystic history.  It also has a bit of ecumenical flavor of goodwill towards the Roman Catholic Church, with is apparently standard post-Vatican II (dropping mutual anathemas and such).  On a related note, I think it's interesting how the priesthood developed in Christiandom.  It didn't have a place until at least one hundred years after the last of the apostles, and I think it really flourished with the synchronization of the Roman state religion changing to Christianity.  Possibly an interesting research project.

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