May 1, 2006

Reading 5-1-6

I picked up several books to read this summer today.  I picked up one Saddam's Secrets , by an Iraqi General Georges Sada.  I hadn't heard anything about this book and then saw it in the bookstore, and it looks really intriguing.  It should have some interesting information and perspective in it for sure.  I also got the Davinci Code, by Dan Brown.  It's coming out as a movie this summer with Tom Hanks.  I think most people realize it's fiction, and I'm hoping to enjoy it on that level.  I also grabbed A History of Fundementalism, by Karen Armstrong.  This looked interesting and should make for a fun, thought provoking, and perhaps agitating, read this summer.  Oh and Alexander the Corrector, by Julia Keay.

I also finished Sun Tzu's Art of War.  Read more for some choice quotes.

3.27 He whose ranks are united in purpose will be victorious
4.20 Now the shape of the army resembles water.  take advantage of the enemy's unpreparedness; attack him where he does not expect it; avoid his strength and strike his emptiness, and like water, none can oppose you
6.30 Thus, one able to gain the victory by modifying his tactics in accordance with the enemy situation may be said to be divine.
9.47 If troops are punished before their loyalty is secured they will become disobedient.  If not obedient, it ti sdifficult to employ them.  IF troops are loyal, but punishments not enforce, you cannot employ them.
10.21 Good commanders are both loved and feared. that is all there is too it.
11.47 To assemble the army and throw it into a desperate position is the business of the general.

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