September 12, 2006

Books 9-12-06

This summer, I was teaching a Bible Study Methods class, and worked up a curriculum to help the students where the school's was lacking. Now I'm working on finishing it and polishing it up. Perhaps with the intention of teaching a class at a local church. So, I've been reading several of the books which I picked up this summer.
After the large ammount I read this summer while in Nigeria, I've been a little reticent to read.

 Being mollified with the trappings of modern American life. Though I recently picked up The Last Plantagenets and The Three Edwards by Thomas B. Costain. And the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, and also a very interesting Heraldy, Ancestry and Titles by L.G. Pine. Hopefully these varied and interesting books will coax me into reading some more.

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