January 2, 2007

Hot Springs Ahoy!

The second day of January consisted of a trip to the hot springs above Arrowrock reservoir. I stopped at Arrowrock and ran around for a little. The lack of water made it nice to play where there would usually be 60 feet of water. The road past the reservoir is winding, making for slow going. After the reservoir, the first springs is Twin Springs, a commercial outfit. Next is Smiths Cabin Hot Springs, having pools on both sides of the river. After a bridge or two, there is the Loftus hot spring. This is probably the nicest of the lot, with cemented walls, and a gravel bottom and waterfall. Then there is Vaugn Hot Springs, conveniently located on the wrong side of the river. Then there is Around the Bend hot springs and Ninemeyer hot springs. Both of these springs are also on the other side of the river. Then there is Pool Creek, which isn't really a hot springs, but more of a hillside. On the way back, I ran into a herd of Elk!

loftus hot springs
3615 ft

Idaho Hot Springs USGS list, with links to googlemaps
Google Earth meets Idaho Hot Springs!

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