November 16, 2008 changes to

I've noticed that performance at Dreamhost fell off the charts lately, so I've been looking around for a decent VPS provider. Some of the better ones looked like Slicehost, and VPS village, and Rapidxen. I eventually ended up going with RapidXen. The uptime looks way better already. Dreamhost was giving me whole days of subversion like webpages that had nothing to do with my websites.
Along with the different web host, I am changing the domain for the website. The old domain name should forward to the new one for a while.

total uptime from dreamhost:

Range: From October 2007 to November 2008
Outages: 132
Total Uptime: 97.444%
Total Downtime: 2.556%

total uptime from rapidxen: website monitoring

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