January 6, 2009

A Table, Apple TV, and Bamboo

My office recently had an injection of greenery in the form of a bamboo plant. It certainly helps to break up the monotony of the khaki colored cubicle walls.

Earlier last year, Melissa found a nice looking table in a magazine, and we decided to build one similar to it. After drafting up some measurements and adjusting the table height to be a little taller, it was time to saw and sand. After a few days of sawdust and paint, the table is now done. However, it might still end up with a different color, and another coat of paint.

We also recently got an Apple TV. I immediately began to modify it. It now features Boxee and XBMC (xBox Media Center). These additions allow the Apple TV to play almost any form of multimedia content from multiple types of servers, such as Hulu. I had installed XBMC on an original xBox and enjoyed that project thoroughly.

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