November 8, 2009

Bear Valley, Burgdorf, Goldfork

     In the past few weeks, we've visited Bear Valley Hot Springs, Burgdorf, and Goldfork.  As the weather cools down, visiting the different springs becomes a great outdoor experience.

     Burgdorf Hot Springs is under new management, they have added a septic system, and electric solar panels to heat the the changing rooms and provide electric lighting.  As well, they've put some paving stones around the edges of the pool.
     Goldfork was a relaxing visit.  One of the lower pools has a sandy bottom and a waterfall from the upperpool, that made for a perfectly relaxing enviroment.
     My first trip to Bear Valley hot springs was probably one of the last trips to bbe made to the hotsprings without the aid of snowshoes or crosscountry skis.  The walk was a little treacherous, as we didn't take the footbridge the first time, and ended up fording the river a few extra times.  But it was a worthwhile trip and the springs there are gorgeous.

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