February 1, 2011

Coffee Rant - Komodo Dragon

     The sun scorched desert.  Not many things live in the desert.  It's deserted.  Dung beetles, sidewinders, mice... might be here or there.  The inhabitants of the desert are hardy, and have well defined methods of protecting themselves.  Cactus have uninviting spines.  Sidewinders have nasty big pointy teeth.
     The wood in the desert is cracked and dry.  Dwellings left to the desert's devices become parched and sun-bleached.  The conditions of the desert preserve some aspects, and decimate others; embalming the remnants of the once living.
     Generally, the things to eat in the desert are slim pickings.  A bite of cactus spines. A mouthful of dusty sand.  It seems there aren't many flavorful things in the desert, though there might be a rare treat of such things as sugary flowers.  The prickly pear cactus has little flavor; aloe vera the same.
Strong flavor of charcoal.  A hint of wood: like sucking on a cedar fencepost left in the middle of the Sahara for aproximately 20 years.

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