April 2, 2011

Planted vines and trellis poles

Yesterday was an epic day of planting grapevines and trellis poles.  We planted 126 grapevines and 76 poles.  After yesterday's work, we still have the trellis hardware to attach, as well as the anchors, anchor posts, grow tubes, drip line, and wires.   But we're off to a great start, and I'm very happy with the wet spring we're getting.

I was going to rent a post hole drilling machine, but decided it would be easier to take a drill and a small generator.  While this was more labor in regards to the poles, the overall holes were smaller.  I used a cheap bulb auger bit from Lowes, which was a 2.75" diameter.  This turned out to be just right for affording enough wiggle room to level out the 2" trellis poles.

The lawn cart was a perfect candidate for a mobile generator platform.  We put the grapevines in the wheelbarrow, letting them soaks in preparation for getting planted.

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