February 18, 2013

No Soliciting Sign

     A few years back, solicitors for a local carpet cleaning company descended upon our neighborhood.  The first day I cordially declined.  Another employee came back the next day.  Two days later, a third employee arrived to sell me something, and I was a bit agitated.
     As a result, I added a "No Soliciting" sign, which has worked pretty well.  Solicitors in Meridian are required to have a license.  Ignoring the "No Soliciting" signs can jeopardize that license.  
     We recently affixed a translucent diffuser to the front window, so I had to remove the taped up sign.  Apparently the solicitors were waiting, because they started showing up again.  After dutifully adding some watchtower literature to the recycle bin, I got to work on a new "No Soliciting" sign.  Fired up the laser cutter, and presto-chango there's a new sign.

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