January 1, 2003

Utopia - Vacuum Brewer

Well, I broke down and bought one. After watching prices fall from 175 to 129 to 89, I found out that they have pretty much discontinued selling the Utopias. After looking around the internet and finding none to buy, and two on eBay, they might be an interesting investment for future sales on eBay. Anyway, after visiting my friend Matt last week, I realized it was a good coffeemaker, with a timer. And it made a good cup, very similar to a french press.

  • "While it’s not for everyone, true coffee freaks will get a kick out of the mad science experiment known as the Starbucks Barista Utopia. Looking like a melted iMac, the Utopia is perfect for entertaining or brewing your most valuable stash of smuggled Jamaican Blue Mountain. Based on an old concept of brewing, the Utopia heats hot water in its clear bot- tom reservoir. Once boiled, the pressure forces the water up a tiny test tube to the top bowl where the coffee grounds await. The boiling hot water slowly steeps the grounds of coffee on top, returning the finished brew back down the tube for serving. The Utopia method truly delivers a better cup of coffee than drip coffee makers, but unless you have a cleanup elf in the house, Utopia is more for entertaining than everyday use."  Link 

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