October 17, 2003

I feel happy...

 There is a pile of laundry that has taken over my bed. I am kindof tired, and would like to go to sleep, but i am scared of making any sudden movements that might otherwise spook this gentle giant. I have been sick for the last couple of days. I initial thought it was a food allergy, then I thought it was bronchitis. Then i moved on to pneumonia, and SARS, and now i think it's a hybrid mix of cold/bronchitis. I'm feeling better, although i occasionally have headaches, and my head pretty much is on the verge of spontaneous explosion. Well, it's not that bad, but i'll be happy if I get better.

The manager finally had the people that lived in our spot before us move out. How's that work? Well, they switched apartments, see... but they kept their parking spots. So, for two years, we've been hoofing it from the far end of the garage... until now. However, we needed to move our stuff that was in our storage to the new one. Well, someone else at our complex mustof notice that the aforementioned people moved out, and they slapped their padlock on it (it was not left there, but appeared). Anyway, the manager made it disappear, and i moved all the stuff today, since the replacements for said people move in this weekend.

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