March 15, 2004

Domo Arigato Bonsai

Sunday afternoon, my restless roommates decided that they needed to go do something. We settled on the beach, and enjoyed the convertible on the way to Zuma beach. After tossing the frisbee around for a while, and enjoying running from the surf, we headed back, and on the way home, we stopped at a van with a bunch of Bansai trees on racks on the outer sides of it. So one of my roommates and I each bought a tree.

In other news, one of my ex-roommates, who got married and now live down the hall, put a sticker on my windshield. It was a "Rey Mysterioso" sticker, and it was for the 'Little Mermaid' sticker, which I had affixed to the bumper of his previous vehicle (he has a new one since getting married). Anyways, when I was down to Mexico a few weeks back, i bought a bobble head 'scooby doo.' It now adorns his old vehicle as a hood ornament. There might yet be something in store for his new vehicle, though.

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