April 26, 2004

Classic Mountain Weekend

 This weekend, i went up to the mountains with a group of people, and we had a great time. We did classic mountain activities?, including hiking, and shooting. The hiking was mostly on a uphill valley, where there was a waterfall at the end. The hike continued past the waterfall, with a steep climb around the falls with a rope at the top. However, since there weren't many volunteers to continue onward, this is where the hike ended its uphill journey. On the way down, we met another part of our group, and decided to head back up again for a second time. More exercise! Ack!

 The shooting was on the other side of town, in a off the way valley into a burm. It was the resident place to shoot, and on close inspection, one could find the remnants of many bullets that had been lodged into the dirt, but erosion had brought to the surface. Thus, there were many cool bullets of different calibers to observe. Not to mention that shooting the plastic bottles was fun, also!

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