August 15, 2004

The Old/New Plates

      We had the giant garage sale about a week ago, carting a load of junk up to McCall to match the load that was already up there. It was a success. Then headed back to Boise to partake in assorted errands. After that, I headed back up to McCall, where I dug trenches and pulled wires through conduits in order to make our cabins tech savvy. Kindof a contradiction in terms, but the cabin now is under surveillance, which is cool. Fun, although I had to crawl around under the foundations and through the roofs filled with insulation pretty extensively. Bleahh!

In other news, my car has Idaho License plates. A policeman pulled me over to tell me that california plates are a bad idea! good thing I was a native, or he might have given me some retribution for the californian plates.

And in other news, I am continuing to read the brothers karamazov, which i think is pretty on par for dostoevsky's themes of crimes and conscience, etc. I gave up on Anna Korrinina, after picking it up for a while, i got halfway through it last summer/fall and now it's hard to pick up again. I am also reading Durant's the story of civilization on Louis the XIV, which is excellent.

4ray034 is no more

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