January 18, 2005

Readin' Latin 1-18-5

     I finished up Alamut. It was a great read, and makes one think alot about how philosophy and theology plays out in real life. It was well written and was an excellent example of how historical fiction should be written. The book was written before WWII, and you can see some different philosophical mindsets in the characters that really portray 20th century thought.
     I've continued on reading Treasure Island, and now am almost finished.I've been enjoying it more now that the story has picked up and the voice is not so 'tabula rasa' matter-of-fact ignorant/skeptical. Is it necessary to explain why the character knows and doesn't know things? I guess so, but it makes it a bit tedious.
     I've also got my hands on a copy of Wheelock's Latin, and have started to learn me some Latin. The English language is made of 60% latin words according to Wheelock, so this should be an insightful and enlightening experience.

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