January 10, 2005

Readings 1-10-5

      I got a Christmas present of some money to go to the bookstore and grab some books. I went and got enough to keep me busy for a while. Ivanhoe, Quentin Durward, The White Company, Sir Nigel, and Treasure Island . I've read through Ivanhoe, and half of Treasure Island so far. Ivanhoe was excellent. The voice in Treasure Island is a bit too Hardy Boys-ish for me.
      I also received my copy of Alamut. This books is really good so far. Apparently it is about the man whom our English language gets such colorful words as Assassin and Hashish.
Alamut is the first-ever English translation of Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol's gripping, near-forgotten masterpiece translated into 19 languages and a bestseller across Europe 60 years after its initial publication based on the life and legend of the original assassin, Hasan ibn Sabbah.

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