September 29, 2005

Elucidation 9-29-5

     Recently picked up a copy of The Silent Gondoliers, a tale by S. Morgenstern.  The Gondoliers was written by William Goldman, the same author as the Princess Bride.  It was a short book, but a fun read.  Very much in the same vein of humor as The Princess Bride.     I also am working on finishing The Seven Pillars.  I picked up a copy of the 1962 epic movie, Lawrence of Arabia.  Which I enjoyed watching that last night.  Today, I drove up to McCall to help my parents stow their boats and jet skis, and saw a large black bear ambling across the road.  I haven't seen one of those is  a few years.  I also went Jetskiing, to prepare the engines to be fogged.  It was a absolutely beautiful day, and it was really fun to go, even though it is almost october, and a bit chilly outside for playing in the alpine waters.

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