October 2, 2005

Readin' 10-2-5

     A few days ago, I looked through my bookshelves for my dusty copy of Amihai Mazar's Archaeology of the Land of the Bible, 10,000 - 586 B.C.E.  It laid in the back of my car until today though.  I've wanted to read through this Biblical Archaeology book since I lived in Israel in 1998, so now, i'm getting my chance.     I also finished Lawrence of Arabia's Autobiography, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.  It was a really fun read, and he really experienced some tough things and expressed some deep insight into his experience.

"Always feeling and illusion were at war within me, reason strong enough to win, but not strong enough to annihilate the vanquished, or refrain from liking them better; and perhaps the truest knowledge of love might be to love what self despised.  Yet could I only wish to: could see happiness in the supremacy of the material, and could not surrender to it: could try to put my mind to sleep that suggestion might blow through me freely; and remained bitterly awake."

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