January 29, 2006

Books 1-30-6

Finished To End All Wars, by Thomas Knock.  It was a good historical look at president Woodrow Wilson, specifically relating to his progressive ideals and contributions.  Wilson saw many of the abuses of our constitutional form of government, "Once the government regulates monopoly, then monopoly will see to it that it regulates the government." (17) and brought to light many grievances that are now magnified in corporate America.  The book was illuminating in regards to America's 20th century emergence from an isolationist pacifist into a world consortium of nations dependant upon each other.  Very interesting how Wilson's progressive internationalist ideas of peace and interdependance have impacted global foreign policies. "Nobody can hereafter be neutral as respects the disturbance of the world's peace for an object which the world's opinion cannot sanction." (97)

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