April 9, 2006

Africa for the Summer

So I'm headed to Africa this summer to teach at a Bible College there.  I'll be heading to Germany for a few days, arriving on the 22nd of May, and then Leaving to Nigeria on the 25th of May.  Staying there til the 17th of August, at which time I'll be heading back to Boise.
I recently recieved a bunch of shots for my impending safari.  One of them was the Yellow Fever vaccination, and I think it's been playing around with me a bit.  I've had muscle aches, headache, and all around susceptibilty to stupefaction.  Pretty much making me have at least one 'moment' a day, and also contributing to me being really tired.  Plus working 4 consecutive days of 12 hour night shifts helps dull one's sense.
Went to one of my favorite hot springs a little over a week ago, the Bruneau Indian Bathtub.  That was great, to watch the stars out in the uninhabited wilds of Idaho, next to a running river, while basking in the warmth of the geothermal mineral waters.

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