January 1, 2007

The Song of Reading

     I recently read through the Song of Roland. It's an early French poem about the knights of Charlemagne, betrayal, loyalty, honor, revenge, and justice. All in a courtly setting of the Eighth century France and Spain.
     I just recieved in the mail today The Existence of God and The Coherence of Theism, by Richard Swinburne. I attended a debate with Swinburne at the 2003 Society of Biblical Literature yearly conference in Atlanta. I really enjoyed Professor Swinburne's application of logic to arguments. Specifically using Baye's theorem for possibility and probability.
     I also picked up the Memoirs of William Tecumseh Sherman. Sherman has often been thought of as the first General of Modern warfare. I've heard his Memoirs are a good balance of charisma and fact, so it should be an enjoyable read.

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