March 29, 2011


We've picked up our grapevine roots.  The bare roots are waiting in the bag for a chance to get planted, which should be very shortly now.

Planting grapes in Oregon requires that you get certified stock, according to this Oregon grape quarantine document, which reflects the laws passed in Oregon.

Our stock was certified clean at one of the certified nurseries of Oregon and Washington.  We purchased our vines from Quality Nursery in Zillah, Washington.  We received certified tags for our varieties.  When you receive your plants, you need to notify the government by letter, fax, or email (which I've done).  So, according to the email I received from Oregon Department of Agriculture, for these vines, they are good to plant.
With our reciept, we also got the official orange stamp of the State of Washington Department of Agriculture. Yay!

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