April 25, 2018

Ewoks become the Ultimate Power in the Galaxy.

Newsflash! Ewoks commandeer Star Destroyer. Tide turns against Imperials. Film at 11.

Back before the Prequels, the Sequels, the half-quels, and the character backstory reference elaboration-quels, Star Wars consisted of the original trilogy: Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. After viewing the 'Last Jedi,' I've decided to limit my estimation of Star Wars to the original trilogy, and place any additional movies in the same category as the novelizations (i.e. non-canon). I'm hopeful that Solo may change my mind, but it is a dim hope. I'm pretty sure it will consist of campy backstory elaboration, versus just campy elaboration of the other movies.

When I was young... back when the original trilogy was a new thing, there were Star Wars toys that somewhat resembled the fantastic alien characters from the movie. On occasion, I would take my Star Wars characters over to a friend's house and we would play Star Wars action figures. A fantastical adventure in the universe of Star Wars.

Depending on who was at who's house made a big difference to our story-lines. Everyone has special characters that they like, and thus the adventures of Star Wars action figures worked out differently depending on who was driving the story-line. Per custom, as a visiting friend, one would be a 'visiting actor' to the story-lines of your friends. And sometimes your friends would have some pretty fantastic stories that didn't quite fit the Star Wars universe. Stories like Ewoks flying star destroyers, a Millenium Falcon full of Wampa beasts, or droids dancing like ninjas.

And that was ok for your friend to do at his house. In some way, I feel like the Last Jedi was a movie that took my toys and rammed them into the neighbor's alien story-line. Jettisoning the hard earned plot and character development at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser. Then taking your familiar characters and using them to railroad all you hold dear. Star Wars has moved to the neighbor kid's realm.

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