July 22, 2004


A plane ride through the mountains is a beautiful thing. Especially, when the mountains are in Idaho, and the valleys are filled with rivers. Big Rivers, like the Snake and the Salmon. Anyway, we had a fun plan ride from McCall to Hell's Canyon, up to the confluence of the Snake and the Salmon, then north to Lewsiton, then to Orofino, then to Grangeville, and then back to McCall. And in the afternoon, we took a boat ride around the Little Payette lake. It was pretty interesting, the lake was dammed up and there were standing trees that became silent column, and rotting pillars out in the midst of the lake. There are submerged stumps and trunks everywhere on one side of the lake, making for a slow boating experience. And a few days earlier I journied up to Slick Rock.

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