August 2, 2004

Digital Surveillance

YAY!1! The Phil Keaggy DVD arrived today in the mail. I can't wait to get a portion of Keaggy acoustic goodness. It was great going to his concert in Eugene in March, and I hope that he gets to come back to the northwest soon. Hmmm.. better check his itenerary. Uh oh, it looks bad 'til 2005.

Being out of school is great, as I get to read what I want. That said, I am just about to finish islands in the stream by hemingway, and previously finished up toilers of the sea by victor hugo. And have the Brothers karamazov and the second half of Anna Korrinniinnnaina to work on nextly.

In other news, I am looking at starting a surveillance company in McCall, etc. Really, i will just be installing network cams, but it looks like there could be quite a market for that. I am thinking of calling it "Eye on Idaho" © DVD ® etc @ ? That would be pretty cool. It's going to start out pretty slow with not much overhead, but it could branch to home automation, and even security, I suppose.

I even got a nifty intarweb addy: DigitalSurveillance.ORG

oh yeah... check out this fun political cartoon, too

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