November 9, 2004

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft comes out later this month!
Currently I am a beta tester for it, and it is really quite fun. I am enjoying it immensely. You can play on Player versus Player servers (PvP) and the server pits the four good races against the four bad races, so that the PvP action is more global. There are pets and fun things of all sorts. Not to mention the game is astoundingly beautiful!

Halo 2 came out today, and it is great also! I went over to some friends' house and played it with them for a while. It is very similar to Halo 2, except the gameplay is more complex (pretty much the same graphics engine, etc). There are more weapons, and more things to do, and the levels are much more expansive. Fun stuff!

Went to a LAN party last saturday over at:
Nate & Andy's house. It was great there was a bunch of people, and we Played Soldier of Fortune 2, Tribes Vengence, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Warcraft III. The party was at the behest of Andy, who is home on break and then headed off to the wilds of Iraqistan.

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