November 1, 2004


Went to Kirkham hot springs today!On the way there, we found a truck overturned in the road (Amazingly, no one was really hurt). So we stopped and directed traffic in the canyon until the police took over (around 40 minutes). It was pretty cool standing out in the middle of the road. Then we got there, and we were the only ones there for the whole duration. Although there were people across the river, on the scenic highway. The temperature was excellent. The sky was crystal clear, and it was a beautiful sunny day. After lounging around for a bit, I started jumping in the river for the shock therapy of it. Everyone decided to do it. Then, I swam across the river. Then of course, everyone had to do that, which was really great fun. However, it was brrrrrr. There were pools with ice on top of them. Kindof crazy! It was complete and total awesomeness. A great day of super-relaxing Idaho fun.

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