March 5, 2005

Kirkham Hot Springs

     Went camping at Kirkham Hot Springs this weekend. Kirkham this year has been the site of some unfortunate press, however we did not see any mohicans. It was, however, a great trip! We left on friday afternoon and drove up. It was dark when we arrived, and I got to test out my tent pitching skills in the dark. We then fired up the barbeque (this was an A+ rating venture, so I brought the trusty BBQ), and had some tov food.
     We then ventured down to the springs, which we shared with a scout troop and a small band of inebriated congo drummers. It was an exciting time! After enjoying the Hot Springs for a while, we headed back to camp and fired up the barbeque again, and the frost had already begun to amass (as the tempature plummeted down to a chilly 6°).
      After attempting to let our campfire do it's magic, I retired to a/my tent, whilst a few of my fellow campers were sleeping on a tarp (brrr!). In the morning, I woke up early and pried my frozen swimsuit and frostified towel off of the tent where i hung them to solidify, and headed to the springs. After a few hours, a few of my fellow campers arrived and a while later we headed back to barbeque up breakfast. After breakfast, we headed back for another round of springs. After thoroughly enjoying the Hot Springs, we then packed up our gear and headed back to the city.

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