March 22, 2005

Reading 3/22/5

     I picked up a few books last saturday: Swords Around a Throne: Napoleon's Grande Armee by John R. Elting, and The Hunchback of Notredame by Victor Hugo. I'm a big fan of Les Miserables, but some of his other works, such as toilers of the sea are rather dark, and from what I hear, the hunchback is really of this flavor, and not the disney re-engineering. The Grand Armee book has been interesting so far. After reading War and Peace and Les Miserables, etc. Napoleon's tactics and the history of the period are really very interesting.
     I finished up Augustine's treatise on predestination. An excellent read, and very informative, especially in light of all the work Calvin did on the subject. Or perhaps more precisely, it seems obvious that Calvin was heavily influenced by Augustine. A short read, but very good.

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