September 13, 2005

Burgdorf Hotsprings and Warren Dredge

Went to the Burgdorf hotsprings and Warren Dredge ponds last weekend. The hotpsrings were fantastic, which is normal for Burgdorf. It was a weekend, so the traffic was a bit higher than mid-week. After the hotsprings, we headed to Secesh and ate lunch, and then headed to Warren.
After taking a quick tour of Warren (they took down the faux lynched spotted owl), we went to the dredge ponds. It was a bit of a hike, but we arrived at the dredge and had a fun time climbing all over it and taking a tonne of photos. After playing on the dredge for quite some time, we headed out, and it was snowing as we crossed the summit out of Warren. We ate dinner in McCall at a excellent Mexican restaurant. Then on the drive back to Boise, the convertible had a flat tire.

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