September 25, 2005

Literacy 9-25-5

     Picked up the latest Terry Brooks Shannara incarnation, Straken.  It was a great read, and it was good to get back to Brook's characters and characteristic style.  It was fun and introduced some different twists for Brooks.   It's definately a good addition for the ever winding saga, of which perhaps this was the last?     I also am reading The Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph.  It has been an excellent tale.  Very inciteful to the contemporary history of the middle east and the Arab movements.

"He must of lost himself in the sand-haze and wandered till his camel broke down; and there died of thirst and heat. Not a long death - even for the very strongest a second day in summer was all - but very painful; for thirst was an active malady; a fear and panic which tore at the brain and reduced the bravest man to a stumbling babbling maniac in an hour or two; and then the sun killed him."

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