September 24, 2010

Signage - Episode 2

Finished the island sign, which I'm thinking it turned out okay.  It ended up with a John Deere-ish color scheme. I'm hoping that the sign won't get too vandalized by any armed flotillas heading down the river.

After cutting out the letters, I fitted the front of the sign to the back of the sign and spray painted the interior of the letters so that I could get an Idea of where the letters were, in order to drill a hold through to affix the inner parts of some letters.
After cutting out the inner "floating" parts of the letters.  Now I needed to paint the inserts and paint the front of the sign.
After painting the inside of the sign, and the "floating" parts of the letters, I affixed them in place with screws and a bit of glue.  Then I put the two halves together with some glue and screws.  And drilled some holes in order to wire up the sign.

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