January 11, 2011

Coffee Rant - Kenya

The whole beans of this wonderfully anti-narcotic beverage have great visual appeal.  They're not too oily, and perfectly sized.  An existence as close to the ideal roasted coffee beans, in appearance, as probably possible.  They almost all look the same to me, anyways.  The ground beans smelled earthy and slightly acidic.  This is a good smelling coffee, and captures what I would assume a coffee should smell like, in essence.
Charcoal, the characteristic Starbucks over-roastedness, is the primary flavor of my brewing of this beany beverage.  The charcoal taste was akin to a flameout marshmallow.  When you're attempting to for that perfect golden brown roast marshmallow, and in your eager zealousness to find the perfect roasting distance, you go too far, and the puffed sugar cylinder bursts into flames.  At this point in the roasting process, panic sets in.  A mad fury to extinguish the flames, attempting to salvage the remainder of the sugary goodness leads to wildly fanning the marshmallow through the air.  There is a great propensity in this action for the marshmallow to disembark its roasting place, and become a flaming magic missile, bound for some other hapless marshmallow roaster.  Practice and patience can hone the panic phase of the burning  marshmallow... resulting in a quick and metered puff of air; extinguishing the greedy flames.

Hints of melted sneaker bottoms, freshly charred from running over a warm lavaflow.  Also, a beautiful earthy taste, like a mouthful of potting soil.

Editorial Note:
Seeing a few comments about coffee lately, I thought I'd take up a little comedic blogistic diatribe, yet on coffee and related issues. Oh... and paintmashes.

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