January 21, 2011

Coffee Rant - Casi Cielo

The jungles of Guatemala have brought us something special.   The beans are dark, like little ampules of browny darkness, containing lustrously viscousness inside.  They're fragile too; about one in twenty is partially pre-ground.  The grounded coffee delivers an extraordinarily smooth cup filled with luscious vegetable overtones.

This cup of coffee might be what early explorers of the new world were secretly searching for.

A cup of Cielo is an immersive experience, perhaps akin to crashing a plane into the jungle.  The canopy of the jungle swallows you whole; the plane disappears into the canopy floor.  Now, surrounded by unfamiliar sights and sounds, the jungle becomes a whole new world.  Bugs and insects are everywhere.  You hear strange birds.   Kookaburras, Toucans, and Macaws swirl in the midsts of your imagination, as large primates in search of bananas begin banging the cockpit doors open.

Rich vegetable, smooth... with a hint of Toucans

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