May 22, 2011

The Mobile Shed - Part 1

A while back, we ran into a free shed.  We needed to remove it from it's current home, so we disassembled it, and moved it to the vineyard.  It's in the process of getting re-assembled.  But first, we needed to make a place to put it.

This is the shed in the boat, waiting to float across the river.  All the parts of the shed made it across the river.

One of the things that is annoying at the island, is it is very dirty.  Here! on the great mound of mud surrounded by river, there exists no dearth of dirt.  Callooh Callay; Oh frabjous day!  There ain't much storage space, neither.  The wheel-barrel, the garden cart, and their friends end up getting stacked on top of each other.

So to help keep things a little cleaner and to make a place to assemble the shed, we poured a concrete pad.  The first part of the pad was 20 bags of 80 lbs concrete mix.  That's about 1600 lbs, or 0.8 tons of concrete.  That's alot of concrete to take across a river in a rowboat.

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