May 15, 2011

Coffee Rant - Three Region Blend

Three region blend is the amalgam of three very different regions of the world.  These regions are united in the fact that they produce coffee.  Often, coffee beans of distinction.

There exists different grades of aluminum:  Aircraft grade, lawn chair grade, and the elusive aluminium (which is only found in the United Kingdom, apparently).  The difference between aircraft grade and lawn chair grade should be readily apparent.  A lawn chair made out of aircraft grade aluminum would probably cost 500 dollars.  A plane made of lawn chair grade aluminum would probably only fly 500 feet.

If you were to blend the main two grades of aluminum together, you might somehow achieve the mythical aluminium... or you might create some sort of Chimera.

Pungent but pleasant aroma.  A smooth cup of coffee, which leaves little aftertaste, but a pleasant memory.

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