January 26, 2017

Broken Adonis - Infested Venus

The political climate of the US is polarized into two sides.  The culture of America typified the election last year with two main candidates. One a self aggrandizing egotistical power hungry capitalist.  Who's attitude seems to have been distilled from the 1980's corporate hostile takeover culture.  The other candidate, who expressed progressive leanings, was more much more ensconced in obvious corporate catering (which is surprising to me, given the opposition's candidate) and had brokered deals with corporations and various back-room dealings.

In Portland, there were and are protests about the problems, and perceived problems that rack our governmental systems.  They system is doing ok, though bloated.  I'd be happy with some less federal government, less legislative power for the executive branch, and more states rights.

It is interesting to watch the stated goals of Senator Obama, after which he then battled through eight years of presidency:

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