January 7, 2017

Vintage Americana: Pirate Treasure Chest and Eagle with Shield


Last fall I bought a very used E.J. Kahn-esque pot-metal bank off of eBay.  We were looking for a bank for Andre, and growing up, my brothers and I had one of these banks which we used to store porcupine quills in.

The one I bought off eBay was very used, and needed to be repainted.  I stripped off the paint, and made due with a limited acrylic palette.  The bank came with an impressive and ancient copper padlock (with no key).  I fabricated a key for it.  The bank was dropped after a few months and needed to have the to of the lock hasp replaced with some wire.

Another project that I wanted to accomplish for Andre was some Americana decor.  I found this vintage Sexton eagle on eBay, but it needed to be repainted.  I busted out my limited palette, and some gold and silver spray paint, and I think it turned out alright.

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