January 6, 2004

New Used Car

So, I traded my blue truck in. And the deal of the moment ended me up with the cliche mid-life crisis car. No, I don't have Dewey Bertolini's wheels, but instead I have a nearly new 1999 Ford Mustang. I guess it is convertible also. It was apparentyl a repossession, and has a few dents, but they're rather smallish. It seemes to be taken care of nicely, and the truck housed what once must of been the mother of all stereos. There is a monster™ cable that runs directly into the battery that has a diameter of 3/4". Yes that's right, there is a big red cable and a galactic sized fuse that is hooked directly into the battery.

Well, firstly, I have alread unhooked the monstrosity, and secondly, the amount of resitance in a cable is apparently exponentially minimized with the diameter of the cable. Thus, this ammount of overkill is roughly the size of a world war two aircraft carrier what you would hook up to a transformer outside your house. That's right there are no cables this size inside the average house. I've mangled a few electrical circuits in my day, and the stuff that was in this car is meant for nuclear reactors and military grade laser weapons.

The car had wheel locks on every single lug nut when I got it, and there was no key, since it was a repossession. Thus, the dealer had to drive around until he could find someplace to replace the tires, and that also had the key to remove the locking bolts. Anyway, it got new tires, and I spent sunday afternoon installing a working stereo. I am pretty happy with it so far.

Come on down! You're the winner of a new car!

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