May 10, 2005

Computer Game Roundup

I've been playing some older abandonware games of late. One of the ones I particularly am enjoying is Settlers 2 Gold. Woodcutters, miners, foresters, fishers, catapults and forts are just a taste of what comes in this great game. There are 2 full campaigns, one where you start off as shipwrecked Romans, the other you take over different continents. Check out the Insider for more information on the game.

I've also been playing an old favorite, Castles 2. I got this game when it came out and played it on a 386. The music in this game is positively rad, and better than even most contemporary games. It's got that minstrel feel, which can only be properly done by a real minstrel. And this game has them! In order to play the music, which is really, really good, you'll need to use an emulator. I suggest Dosbox; after trying many diiferent ones, it worked best. And here is D-Fend, a frontend for DosBox.

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