March 6, 2014


I recently finished reading (last year) Wool by Hugh Howey.  An interesting read for sure.  A futuristic post-apocalyptic fiction where life exists in a siloed reality.  It was an exciting and good read.  I also read the next part of the saga, Shift.  The first book was like the original Matrix, and the second part was kindof like the Matrix 2... or perhaps even the Star Wars prequels.  Answering questions that fill out the universe, but don't really fit the paradigm that the original set.

I also read Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett.  Another fun read in the Discworld series.

I am currently working through The White and the Gold; the French regime in Canada, by Thomas Costain.  Costain has a technique in his writing that makes reading history more enjoyable.  Perhaps it is the drawing of character into the history that enables him to make often bland subjects sparkle.  It is about the French colonization of Canada.

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