March 6, 2014


A rogue-like computer game:
Like Rogue and Nethack, Brogue is an single player dungeon crawler.  It uses a software library specifically made for the creation of Roguelike games.  If you are going to download it, and play it, I recommend using the edition with character fonts:  Brogue with Tiles by Oryx

Legend of Dungeon, another rogue-like but with 3D voxel based graphics.  Probably best with a gamepad.  This one is pretty simple, with only a few controls.  It also features an online scoreboard.

Another fun game that swings away from Rogue and more into DigDug is Steamworld Dig.  A fun steampunk-ish game where you are digging in a mine underneath an old west town.

Last fall, I was also playing XCOM: Enemy Within.  The expansion to XCOM: enemy unknown.  A fun turn based isometric RPG, based on the old and trusted XCOM series.  The expansion includes cyborgs and a competing agency.

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