October 6, 2004

Book Review 10-6-4

     Finished coming up for air. a little dark humor for the pre-WWII Britian era. It was alright, and reminded me of Vonnegut. He used some vivid descriptions ofthe main character and the oddities of life in general. I didn't like some of his subject matter, and the first half of the book kindof dragged until he got to his war experience.
     I also finished the anthology of English Romantic Literature. I found some great poems in there that I liked. Particularly, I Am by John Clare. There was also some great stuff by Byron, as usual, and Percy Bysshe Shelly.     I picked up some great books to peruse through of late: The Story of Philosophy, by Wil Durant. Another book that is about the New Perspective on Paul. The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rosseau. I also picked up Pascal's Pensees / Thought's, though I'm looking for Provincial Letters.

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