October 30, 2004

All Saints Eve Eve - Reading Reporting

     I've finally finished Pascal's Pensees. They were very, very good. Very reminiscent of Jonathan Edwards. I'm thinking maybe Edwards read them at some point. So, I think perhaps I'll dive into the work of Edwards for a while. I also finished Timequake and Hokus Pocus by Vonnegut. They were really good. I think I enjoyed Hokus Pocus the most out of what I've read of Vonnegut's works.
      I finally got a copy of Christ in the Old Testament; Old Testament Appearances of Christ in Human Form, by James A Borland. I got it used from Abebooks.com. It was a good read. It was formatted like a thesis, and very thorough. Thus, it was also pretty dry. But overall and excellent book. I also finished Paul  by E.P. Sanders. This is a "New Perspective on Paul" book. I find there are alot of interesting things, and many I do not agree with. One of the most interesting things is that Sanders rejects Luther's Simul Justus et Peccator, because it is a concept foreign to Paul, but later in the book, states that there is an 'anthropological dualism' which prevents people from doing the good that the law requires. Mindbender.

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