October 29, 2004

Final Fantasy 5

I've been playing Final Fantasy 5 lately. It's kindof like my fascination with Terry Brooks and the Shannara genre, but with role playing games. Final Fantasy 5 is an RPG by Squaresoft that came out for the Super Nintendo in 1992 (in Japan). The unofficial English translation was first released sometime around the mid 90's. It was completed sometime during 1998. This title was one of the first to be entirely translated by fans so its left quite a mark in classic gaming history. Squaresoft thought about bringing over FF5 to our shores but decided to bring over FF6 instead. In 1999 they finally decided to bring over; they released it as a part of the Final Fantasy Anthology.

The game is like its predecessors, and it is definatly from that ancient genre of 2D role playing games that has pretty much faded into the past. It is great to be able to play such a fun game. I'm looking forward to finding the other lost Final Fantasy games that I haven't played. Apart from the ones solely designed for the play station. Those seemed to lose the magic of video gaming (at the classic FF level, it's still quite okay, though).

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