December 7, 2005

Advent of the Reinpig

      Old Navy had another wave of Reinpigs this year.  Last year, I wasn't fast enough to grab one, and they all got nabbed.  This year, however, I was up on the supposed migratory patterns of the beast.  Experts have stipulated that there is nothing exactly like a Reinpig to celebrate christmas cheer.   What is a Reinpig, you ask?  I'm not actually sure, but it looks to be some sort of abomination that meshes a piggy bank and a reindeer.

     This particular reinpig had a run in with 'jack the reindeer horn loving' antenna ball.  Apparently the Reinpig, who usually diets on pennies and other coins, mistook the antenna ball for a copper colored legal tender denomination and tried to chow down on him.

  While the Reinpig was in emergency surgery to remove his antlered Antenna ball, he was mumbling something about "let's you and me go get some piggy puffs."  Experts are not in concurrence about what exactly a 'piggy puff' is.

At right can be seen picture of the Reinpig guarding its stash of copper.  The Reinpig is apparently fiercely territorial and has been known to bite those who trespass upon its domain.  Visit the Reinpig Galleries

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