December 17, 2005

Kirkham in the Winter

     December 8th I went camping with some friends up at Kirkham hotsprings near Lowman.  And it was cold!  Really cold! Check out the National Weather stats for Lowman, ID on that date:



44°F (1975)
 -13°F (1951)

That is correct!  We beat the record low by a chilly 13°.

     The propane was so cold it wouldn't burn.  Every single surface of anything had frost on it, including my blanket on the inside of my tent.  Every single beverage froze and/or exploded. The fire would hardly burn it was so cold. I trekked over to the hotsprings three times. Once before bed, once in the middle of the night to warm up, and once with Edgar and Shawn in the morning. Soon after we arrived, Edgar caught a fiery brand of charcoal in his eye when he was making the fire, and had a terrible night of that, but was too scottish to go back to civilization.

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