December 17, 2005

Literature 12-18-5

    I've been continuing to read Will Durant's Story of Civilization: Reformation. I've also been working through the Disciplemaker, and Unceasing Worship.  I also recently recieved my TMS Journal.  The latest is a condensation of the faculty lecture series about the New Perspective on Paul.  I really enjoyed perusing the thoughts and research of my former preofessors.  As I had hoped they had a very language and grammar oriented historical/grammatical exegetical approach, with a special emphasis on context, and also on the presuppositions of the proponents of the NPP.  I especially enjoyed how they picked up on the low view of Christ that the historical critical traditions which the main proponents of the NPP are steeped in.  Their low view of the historical viability of the gospels and other new testament literature colors their perception of the second temple Judaism and its cultural milieu.  Overall, it's been some good reading, though I haven't been reading as much as I'd like. 

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